The King of Rain : Ayrton Senna

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3 min readAug 22, 2019


Excerpts from Netflix documentary “Senna”

Senna is one legend who got trapped heavily in the politics of the sport — F1. In the journey of following his passion, Senna did not escape the web of politics especially with his rival-Prost!

Senna was mentally down when he was being ruled out for racing through temporary license cancellation by FIA . It was a biased move by FIA just to favor prost (Senna’s rival)!

Senna always loved his fans and does not prefer them to be pushed!

Senna trusted god more than any racer in the world would. Miracles happened through his ability to push the machine beyond his limits in racing.Senna was humble every time he won, he made sure he waived of his nations flag which inspired many to follow him.


1991 Brazil GP Ayrton, wanted to win the title at his home ground. Amidst the gear box jam he was only with 6th gear in rain!! He found an inner strength and tasted victory, he screamed in tears post victory!

As a spectator of the documentry, I was in tears when I saw him raise the flag and the title amidst his shoulder muscle issue in the brazil GP!

The battle between prost and Senna took the motorsport racing to a whole new level more TRP’s, more fans to the sport.

A socially responsible senna:

Ayrton amidst his regular support to the needy, wanted to organize stuffs and bring back a change in his country especially for the needy.

1991 he got hurt first time very badly in a F1 car! Mexico GP.

Senna was excellent in streamlining race regulations especially on replacing cones instead tyres by jotting down the race regulations to the FIA chairman.

Japnese 1991: Challenges for Senna

Senna believed that its important to grow as a man than as a sports man he trusted he has more years to live.

Senna was stuffed with minimal capabilities due to increased electronic war from Williams car that had capability to balance on corners by computers.

Prost clearly informed he does not want Senna to be his team mate with Williams as he capitalized on electronics.

1993 brazil

Ayrton senna moved to Williams, unfortunately electronics were banned when senna came in.

No traction, no special brakes, no electronic suspension and often senna said the stability of the cars where not good due to lack of suspension systems.

27th march 1994

Due to Poor handling of the car, senna was often out of race and that is where Schumacher came in. Benneton had the traction control which eliminated the wheel spin. Senna wanted the team to protest and claim the technology for Williams racing team which Williams refused to.

27th April 1994

Senna was upset cos of the inability of the technical competencies with Williams racing.

Oversteer and understeer

Rubens crash left a symptom!

Ratzenberger accident during the race influenced ayrton negatively, and ayrton cried and also he was adviced by doctor to quit the sport for which he refused to!

Senna does not want to race On 1st May 1994 he wanted to talk to god!

But then the race started and he participated..

Senna hits the wall! Senna signs off!


Tambreullo is not a corner one can go wrong! Something was wrong with car.

The Tyre temp or steering it was a mystery!

No bruises, no broken bones!

Luck was not his way!

Senna, we miss you!

Not just the motorsport the whole world Misses you !! you are the god of motorsport!

Real racing! No money no politics! The go kart bonding he had is immense!