Paddock N 300 Paddock
1 min readSep 6, 2019

From a single cylinder 150cc to a twin cylinder 300cc : Transition handbook for Ninja 300

  1. Proactive thinking: The more the cc the faster – RPU (Ride processing Unit) brain to hand communications.
  2. Accelaration:
  3. Braking: Trail brake ; Sponge ball technique, panick braking.
  4. Sudden turns / hitting the corner : precautious
  5. Read the road: The second eye
  6. Remove the VR46/ MM93 mask
  7. Instaddiction is not reality!
  8. Maintainence : Lube it up
  9. The blip mantra!
  10. Half clutch shifts
  11. Try riding it all alone!
  12. Enjoy the other side : Touring the refined soul
  13. All the gear Most of the time
  14. A leopard does need not prove itself to other kiddos!